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  • Berber is a looped pile carpet that hides stains and dirt well and holds up to wear in heavy traffic areas. JP Carpeting.

  • The various styles of carpet we install. JP Carpeting.

  • Commercial carpet is mainly used for commercial applications such as office and apartment buidlings but has residential uses as well. JP Carpeting.

  • A contact point for carpeting potential. JP Carpeting.

  • This is a page to showcase some of JP Carpetings excelent work. JP Carpeting.

  • The Love of Carpet says it all. There is no other renovation a homeowner can do to completely change the look and feel of their their house for so little money.

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  • This style has a smooth, soft, velvet look and a luxurious feel. Each yarn has a uniform twist and finish, making this carpet the perfect solution for a master bedroom, dining room or a formal living room. JP Carpeting.

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  • These are the glowing reviews from past customers completely satisfied with our work and professionalism. JP Carpeting.

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