carpet styles     
Your style. It’s personal, unique and natural to you. It says a lot about who you are and what you’re all about. And if you’re looking for a carpet style - one to match the way you live -- you’ve come to the right place.

Here you’ll learn all about the wide array of carpeting on the market today. You’ll discover the beautiful yet practical styles, the elegant and easy-care types - the entire spectrum of carpet choices available for your every room.

The bottom line is this: choosing the ideal carpet style is all about finding the right combination of aesthetics, performance and budget to meet the needs of your lifestyle - emphasis on your.

So check out the following and let’s help you find the carpet style that will be right at home in your home.

  • Berber
    Berber is a looped pile carpet that hides stains and dirt well and holds up to wear in heavy traffic areas. JP Carpeting.
  • Commercial
    Commercial carpet is mainly used for commercial applications such as office and apartment buidlings but has residential uses as well. JP Carpeting.
  • Plush
    This style has a smooth, soft, velvet look and a luxurious feel. Each yarn has a uniform twist and finish, making this carpet the perfect solution for a master bedroom, dining room or a formal living room. JP Carpeting.